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Camping Le Pont Laurin

La Vallée Gatorge

35800 Saint Briac sur Mer - Bretagne

Tel : 02 99 88 34 64

Exceptionally: pitches for camping / caravanning closed for the 2020 season


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Opening dates of our camping Le Pont Laurin

Mobil Home Resident : From 1st March to 15 November


Camping / Caravaning : Closed for 2020 season








The Cap Fréhel, a legendary site and ornithological reserve dominating the beautiful blue-emerald green sea, offers breathtaking views that you will never tire of.



The Cap Fréhel is a wonder of nature and one of the most impressive sites in Brittany with cliffs towering over the sea 70 m high.
It stretches from the Pointe du Grouin at the east to the Ile de Bréhat at the west.  On a clear day you can sometimes see the Channel Islands.

The illustrious Fort la Latte stands to the right of the Cap.
This old lighthouse, or Vauban Tower, was built in granite during Louis 14th’s reign and designed by Simon Garangeau.  It was originally lit using coal and later fuelled by fish oil.
Today’s lighthouse, which emits light for 110 km and stands 103 m tall, was built in 1950.
At the top of the 145 steps, you can see Paimpol’s land-end at the west and Groin’s to the east.  At night, you can even see the lighthouse’s lamp from La Corbière and from the south-west of Jersey, 50 km offshore.