Tel : 02 99 88 34 64

Camping Le Pont Laurin

La Vallée Gatorge

35800 Saint Briac sur Mer - Bretagne

Tel : 02 99 88 34 64

Exceptionally: pitches for camping / caravanning closed for the 2020 season


Camping Map

Opening dates of our camping Le Pont Laurin

Mobil Home Resident : From 1st March to 15 November


Camping / Caravaning : Closed for 2020 season






Opening Campsite France in Saint Briac sur Mer in Brittany

Opening dates :

The campsite is open from 1st March to 15 November for holiday home owners and from 29th April to 15th September for touring pitches (caravans, tents, motorhomes).






Opening hours :


- Low Season: from 1st April to 1st June and from 15th September to 15th October


                   10H00 à 12H00 et 15H00 à 18H00


- Middle Season : from 1st June to 7th July and from 21th August to 15th September


                   9H00 à 12H00 et 15H00 à 19H00


- High Season : from 7th July to 20th August


                   8H00 à 13H00 et 14H00 à 20H00